Thank you to all the First Responders and Military Service Members!

How it all started!

Brandon Wyckoff is the owner/operator of Wyckoff’s Workshop and a Veteran who served with the United States Air Force for nearly 10 years before medically retiring out.  Brandon and Scott (Retired Army Sgt) started this workshop as a hobby when they were active duty and since then turned it into a full time business.

I am an retired USAF TSgt who was a Security Forces member in the United States Air Force. I customize in wood carving for first responders and military promotions, retirements and going away gifts. I also make customize signs and other requests for the holidays. I also create gifts for anniversaries, weddings and other significant events in people's lives.
We primarily do all first responder shields including Police, Firefighters, EMT'S and medical staff that keep our world safe from the evil it inherits. We do not just limit to first responders as we do anything from wedding gifts, company logos and other request. How the process works is the customer will place an order via my website which is on this page ( After order is received I draft the image requested based off the image the customer has submitted to me. Then it heads into the draft phase where I create the plaque or image based on the photograph. After I have completed the draft I send the customer a proof image which is a 97% replica of what you see is what you get. This gives the customer a chance to review and see their carving before I put any work into production. After the customer gives the blessing I put it into production and mail it out. Payment method which is preferred is PayPal with my email address of Payment is due before at the time of the order paid in full due to previous orders which were not picked up. We have created and sent out over 7,000 plaques world wide. Our art has been displayed in the White House, Senators, Governors and Military Generals offices. Have any question please email me at
I started out taking care of our units promotion, retirement and going away gifts. I started this out as a hobby to pass my spare time while not at work and spending it will my loving family, but was convinced to reach out and start a business. The unit was pleased and very satisfied with the work I did and convinced me to reach out and expand, so here I am. I can make any carving and there is no limitation to what the customer wants. The imagination is the ceiling. If you are interested or want to inquiry about a piece please ask. I take pride in my work and try to give the customer the best quality product an Airman can take with them through out their career. This is a small piece of appreciation for the men and women who serve our country when they leave their duty station and progress onto the gaining station. Thank you for the read and stay safe Defenders! 
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Over a four year period Brandon and Scott's work has caught the attention of many. Their attention to detail and passion is demonstrated in each of their custom pieces. Brandon and Scott strive to ensure a first time customer becomes a returning customer. Each piece is created right here in the U.S. in the beautiful state of Colorado!


Below Picture is (RET.) USAF TSgt Brandon Wyckoff right and USA (RET.) SGT Scott Morehead left